Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Look

Not quite what I wanted to see at 8pm on a Thursday night. On the 8th, Walker broke out in hives! This picture doesnt' begin to show how bad it got. They covered him head to toe-one even covered his back entirely. When I took him to the doctor the next day, I think it would be safe to say our doctor was absolutely stumped. She said it MIGHT be a reaction to a virus he MAY have gotten. Some Benedryl and cortizone cream cleared him up by the end of that weekend.

For lack of other posts, I am now playing catch up. It turns out that Birthday week turned into birthday month. Grandmother and Grandpa Clements made a quick trip for their anniversary this month. They weren't here for Walker's party, but they did bring him pineapple and a new book to oogle over. He hardly ever stops talking about pineapple. Every time I ask him what he wants for lunch or dinner..."Pie-apple".

I also (through no small miracle) got my piano delivered by my FAVORITE cousin, Danny. He totally saved the day by picking the piano up at the shipping company with one night notice. Not to mention the blizzard he had to go through to get it. (This is starting to sound like ye olde story of 'up hill in the snow both ways'.) Danny...deepest and warmest THANK YOU! Coming all the way from Hawaii and all the temperature changes I thought the piano would have to be tuned pretty desperately, but it actually doesn't sound that bad! Walker loves playing on it, but insists that there be a music book for him to look at in order for him to play. Hmmm...maybe I can teach him to read music soon.
Parker sleeps through the night and has for quite some time. The sleepless nights seem to have lasted much longer and seem to have been much less bearable with Walker than they have been with Parker. I don't know if that's because I got used to it, or if Parker turned out to be a natural sleeper. Either way I like it.

Parker loves to suck his bottom lip. No pacifier needed! He has started to 'chew' on his hands, but I think that's just part of learning coordination...and teething soon. He hasn't rolled over yet, but he's working on it. This is also the before shot of...

his haircut! Although his hair was cute and long and we had fun with different 'do's', it was time for his first haircut. It was past his collar, (totally out of standards) and the bald spot in the back wasnt' very becoming. I don't think his hair will come in quite as dark though. It was starting to lighten up a bit and his eye brows have never been dark. What do you think? Blonde, Red or Brown?

A Tribute to Randy!

It must run in the family Randy! These are two different shots of Walker, and I'm in utter awe of how many times I can catch this face on camera. I thought I would give this post tribute to you for graduating. I mean, it's not everyday you can go into your counselor's office and have them say, "oh, by the way, you can graduate this semester". I'm happy for you and send our love!

(for those wondering about the pictures of Walker and how they it relate to Randy, I only wish I had a picture of him to compare. The Randy Woodbury traditional picture is 'eyes half shut and a goofy smile')

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birth-Day? Nope. Birthday Week? Nope! Try Birthday MONTH!

My friend, Elaine, had her birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese last month, and ever since then Walker has asked us almost every day to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. We even had to make a paper chain that he could cut a link off each day. Each and every day we told him we would go for his birthday. I decided to do a little party for him and his friends. A couple of mornings I would catch Walker pretending to talk to his cousin, Savannah on the phone saying, "Nana, are you coming to my birthday?" With tons of excitement he would come and tell me she was in fact coming to the party. At night we usually sing our usual songs before we tuck him in to bed: Teach me to Walk in the Light of His Love, I'm bringin' home a baby bumblebee, I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, 5 little monkeys. Somehow, the Happy Birthday song has made it into the mix. But instead of singing it to himself, he will choose either Cade or Savannah to sing it to.

We made invitations with Lightning McQueen, picked out a cake of Walker's choice, got party favors, and put everything together. Needless to say it was a HIT! Everyone loved being able to play and visit with eachother. Thank you, everyone, for the toys and clothes. They are life savers! It brings me joy to know that there are so many people who love our little boy!
Here are some pics for enjoyment:Daddy and Walker with his new friend, Chuck-E-Cheese

Andria and Sariah

Watch out Michelle, it won't be long before this is all too real!

PROOF! Yes Walker did hit Henry. It took me a few minutes, but I got him to apologize. Poor Henry!
Justice and his mom, Michelle on Skeet Ball

Happy 3rd Birthday Walker!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Does anyone know where 4 went?

For the past year almost, Walker has been learning his numbers. At first, he didn't want to count in English, so Jason taught him 1-10 in Spanish. For anyone wondering, I think 'Ocho' is his favorite to say. He finally knew all his numbers and then these past couple of weeks, Walker stopped saying the number 4. Anytime we count to ten, he either doesn't say 4 with us or he just says 5 twice. Hopefully he will bypass this little glitch.

Walker has also been working on potty training. He has done really well! I'm stoked to not have to buy diapers or pull-ups for him. Those things are $20 buck a pop! No thank you! He is so proud of his big boy underwear and tells the whole house after he's done his business. We have had a few accidents. The other day I came home from work to find a trail of pooh from the top of the stairs to his bathroom. Judging from the 'ooziness' and liquifiable nastiness that it was, I could tell that he was doing everything he could to get to the bathroom but he just couldn't make it.

Anyone tracking our blog should be saying about now, "why hasn't Sarah posted in so long?" Well, on top of working, excercising and cleaning up pooh, I have hosted a baby shower for a friend, made all the announcements, made thank you cards for her, made Walker's birthday party announcements, and am mending part of our bed spread. It was only a 4 inch tear, but it very quickly turned into the whole length of the bed spread. I have been working on it almost every night for a week. One of the first days the comforter was downstairs for me to work on it, Walker was getting all snuggly in it. I told him it was dangerous because of all the pins in it. He said, "Ok mom." and stopped playing in it. That night I went to work on it again, and ALL the pins were out. I asked Walker where they went. "Mom, it's not dangerous anymore. I took all the pins out!"

I have definitely had my hands full with a lot of things, but hopefully it slows down a bit for me. Parker has been smiling and laughing the past two weeks. I will post pics and or video later.