Friday, August 20, 2010

How are YOU feeling?

Alright! I've decided it's been WAY too long since I've said my peace on this page. It's 8pm. Both boys are asleep...kinda. Jason is on a camp out and I'm too restless to read quite yet.

Lately, it seems everyone (including those who don't know me) likes to ask me, "How are you feeling?" It wasn't until I heard how pregnancies went for my sis-in-law that I knew why people ask this. Little did I know that some women are sick for the duration of their pregnancy and can't function on a daily basis without some relief from a pill. For the past 2 1/2 pregnancies I've had the pleasure of not getting sick at all and being able to bend, lift, contort any which way until about month 8. Then, being so huge puts my body at such shock, it decides it doesn't like to let me walk, clean, do dishes or laundry, put on shoes or paint my toenails. So as of right now, I feel great. The answer might be different in a couple of months, but for now, things are just peachy.

Right now I am 20 weeks-half way through. Most of the people I see come in to my work ask me how CLOSE I am to having this baby! HA! I just giggle and tell them I am due in January. (Not making the mistake of telling them the BEGINNING of January, because then I just get lectured on the infamous tax break if I have him/her sooner) I have my ultrasound this coming Wednesday and we are not finding out the gender. That's the way that Jason likes things and he has convinced me that it's more exciting that way. Is your anticipation building yet?

Things have been a little bit of a roller coaster for me emotionally. My mother-in-law recently found out her breast cancer, thought to have been in remission, had spread to her lungs, liver, and brain. Going to work the next day was very difficult. I could only think about Mary and the fear I saw in her face when she told us the news. After the many doctor visits we were told the cancer is terminal and they gave her a time frame of 6 to 12 months. Jason seems to be doing ok with the news. I don't think the emotional part of the reality has hit him. Jason, getting his degree in biology, took a class on the biology of aging. One section was on cancer, so he understands the disease quite well. He hasn't had any real devastation in his life, so I think the logistics are overcoming his emotions right now. I have tried to teach Walker that Grandma will be getting more and more sick and that she will go back to our Heavenly Father soon, but he doesn't really understand how that can be. She looks so full of life right now and to him, she's just the same. I fear I will need to comfort him and teach him about death when it comes.
My mom is also having some trouble with a foot injury she got in running class. It could affect her performance grades in class if it doesn't get better.
Prayers are greatly appreciated for these two ladies.

On a much happier note, my newest niece was born on Wednesday. I can't wait to see little Ruby! Congratulations Kyle and Michelle!

The past few weeks at church have been interesting. Our ward got rearranged and we are now in the Meridian 6th ward. I helped out the first Sunday in our new ward acting as the Primary Chorister. Luckily someone already holds that calling. That is the one calling that scares me to death. Not that I'm not willing, but I would be afraid, very afraid. After helping out the one time, the primary presidency told me what a hit I was, and that the kids enjoyed every minute of it. I must say though, that it was quite fun having both the Jr. and Sr. Primaries signing the "Hello, Hello" song at the top of their lungs. I told them I wanted the bishop to be able to hear them from the other side of the building!

Like I said, An emotional roller coaster. WEEEEEEEEEEE!

So for all those who ask me how I'm feeling, watchout! You just might get the truth.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mary Cancervive

So I think most of you that read this probably already know, but my mom's cancer as metastasized to the liver, lungs, and brain. It may be in a few other areas, but we will find out today if it has moved to the larynx, trachea, and lymph nodes in the upper part of her chest. She will probably have more tests on her lower abdomen soon to find if it has gone to the kidney, as well as test to see if it has spread to her bone marrow. What was so surprising about it is that just last monday she had her "last test" and they cleared her for 1 full year. Then on Saturday she started having a pain in her midsection, so went to the ER sunday morning. That is when they found it had spread. (So yes, she was "cured" for about a whole 5 days) It is in Stage 4, which is the most advanced stage of Cancer. The way I see it, we could have found out about it now, and try to treat it, or we could have not known about it until it was too late. (Even with treatment, she is not expected to live much past a year.) I would much rather know its coming, so that all of us can prepare, and she can get the things done that are most important to her. So many of us go through life wasting away the time doing things that are not what is most important. It is a good time for us to reevaluate what we do, and prioritize what is most important.

Thanks to everybody for the prayers and the support. Many of you have offered to help, and I will let you know what we need when we need it. Right now, we would like to get a collection of favorite memories of my mom. What do you think of when you think of her? I know one friend talked about my mom getting pulled over on the way home from soccer practice. What is one of your favorite memories?