Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

here are some of the things going through my head, but addressed to all of you out there:

Summer is over (Pest control Summer that is). It was a good summer. As always, it could have been better, but I am pleased with how things turned out. To everybody that was there with me, thanks for the good times that we had.

Buying our house is done!! At least I think. Thanks Chancey, for helping me pack all of our stuff into a trailer, so that it can be unloaded as soon as we hear back that everybody has received their money. Hopefully that happens tomorrow, and we can unload the trailer into our new garage, and can start unpacking the boxes. It will be great to sleep on MY bed. WITHOUT Walker in the same room. I think I am looking forward to that more than anything else. Thanks Mom and Dad, for letting us crash at your place, and take up WAY to much of your space. 2 bedrooms and half of the garage is probably enough. (oh yea, and the storage unit)

The ManCation was awesome. I have been wanting to go backpacking for a long time. It has been about 10 years. Seriously. Kyle, thanks for starting that tradition. I caught 11 fish. zzone of them was under 12 inches, and the rest were between 12 and 18. Check out Kyle's Blog and link to see the pictures. Why do I always look retarded in these pictures? Oh, and from now on, I am definitely taking my hammock with me. It took up quite a bit of pack space, but it was so comfortable. I would have to say swinging on the hammock watching the wind blow the waves in the perfect 65 degree weather was extremely relaxing. Laying in my sleeping bag on the ground was not as comfortable. (in 30 degree weather.) Needless to say, I am so looking forward to next years pack trip. I will have better shoes, a better pack, be in better shape, and have better fishing gear. The food was good, and the company was great. Thanks to all who went.

The Hunter family reunion was fun too. Seeing my wife and son after (what seemed like) forever was fun. Though Walker was suffering from some sort of sickness, which happens any time he travels, it was pretty pleasant. My one regret from the reunion was not swimming. Yea, I got in the water up to my knees, but I didn't actually go swimming. I wish I would have. it was nice to see all of you that I haven't seen for a couple of years, and to meet a few people that I hadn't met before.

I will have to admit, staying home and playing with Walker is pretty fun. He has been cranky, not sleeping enough (he is just too excited to see me every day to want to sleep) but I've had a blast. He loves looking at the pigs, Swinging on the tire swing, and seeing Puppy. Oh, and jumping on the trampoline. He loves that too. Another of his favorite things it see 'Pampa' (Grampa Woodbury)

I suppose that is all for now. We will keep you updated on the projects for the house.
Oh, and golf. I parred twice on Monday, and am going again on Friday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spwaaaaah!

While Walker and I were at the family reunion, the last rainy night I was getting Walker to bed. Silly me, I forgot to bring any 'beeps' or books, so I was trying to sing a few songs to Walker. We did Popcorn Popping, and Row, Row, Row your Boat, and then he put his thumbs and first fingers together and said, "Mama, Ants!" At first I didn't understand, but then I remember that any 'bug' he sees is called an ant. Looking at his hands I realized he wanted to sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" His spider was ready and I got my spider ready and started to sing, "The Itsy Bitsy...." Right as the word Spider was about to come out of my mouth, out of the corner of my eye, I see a pretty good size spider sneaking across his pillow. Of course as I see it, the word that was working its way out of my mouth turned into something like, " Spwaaaah!" as I flicked it off the pillow. With no one else to laugh at me, I started to chuckle with Walker. He muttered something that I didn't understand so in response, all I could say was "yeah, Mama's silly, huh?"

To any "pest control" friends who might ask, "What kind of spider was it?"....Who cares?! When camping, a spider is a spider.