Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing but Play

Finally! I got the proof I was waiting for! He can now stand by himself...only when HE wants to.Walker has a fettish with the camera; he has to chew on it if he can get to it, thus making it impossible to get the most desireable picture. As you can tell from the pictures, there is nothing but play here at our house. Walker got to play with his mega blocks (Thank you Dori and Ben). And Jason and I got to make faces with the pineapple. My dad pulled a quick trip last week to do all of his dam projects. (Really people-he did dam inspections) We were lucky enough to catch him for a nice dinner at one of my favorite resturaunts, Macaroni Grill. It's always nice to get a fresh pineapple. I could never buy one at the store now that I've lived in Hawaii and had the best.
Now that we've had all the play we can fit in the week, it's time to get to work. Moving and such. (Big Sigh).....It should be fun!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When You're Young at Heart...

As many of you know, Jason is just a little kid at heart. When he was younger, he and his brothers got their Nintendo thrown away by their Dad due to misbehavior. What did they do? Just what any bored little boys would do. The second Dad left, they dug it out of the garbage. "Hours and Hours of FUN!!!", they thought. But not quite so. Later that evening while Jason and Kyle were playing, Dad walks in the front door, silent at what he saw. "These boys are playing the Nintendo that I threw away and got rid of for good! DAD GUMMIT! All the boys could say was, "BUSTED!!!!"
So to make a long story longer...Jason won a $500 shopping spree to the University Mall in Provo as a recruiting incentive. Rather than call me, his ever-loving dear wife, and ask me if there was anything I wanted, he decided to get a game for the X-box that he's been waiting for for a little while. (Keeping in mind that Jason is pretty thrifty, using someone else's money for this just makes it better.) He also got a couple other games and Wii-motes. I'll admit-he did keep me in mind. He bought a second guitar for "Guitar Hero II" so that he could play with his ever-loving dear wife.