Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Big Disappearing Act

For everyone anxiously awaiting our return to blogging, here is our latest.

For the most part everything is same ol', same ol'. Jason and I are still working like crazy and the boys are growing up so fast. Parker is teething and chewing on everything from fingers and toes (anyone's he can get a hold of) to Walker's forehead. Sad but true. The two were playing on the floor together and Parker just went for it. He has been saying , "Ta-ta, Du-du, and Muh-muh". He's also been working on standing and cruising. Any bets as to when he'll walk?

We also had a wedding in the family. Jason's little sister, Heather just got married to David Turner. At the reception, Jason gave a speech. He did a little play on words that I thought was cute. He told them names that they could use for their future children. There's the obvious: Tina, Ike, and Paige. But I also like Ambi, Rebecca Elizabeth (initials would be R.E.-Turner) and Ursula (U-Turner). But we can also say now that Heather is the Head Turner.
Not many people know about my talent of doing flowers, but I have done them for weddings, prom, funerals, Valentines Day, and have made enough leis to cover the King Kamehameha statue in Hawaii by myself. Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

So here we are mid through October playing catch-up on the blog again. In the past month Parker has gotten four new teeth and loves to chew on everything. He is a pro at crawling and sitting up. The first place he likes to go in the morning is Walker's room where all the toys are. He is becoming better at 'telling' me what he wants. Any of you other mothers know this to be the whining stage. Walker has been enjoying his preschool and loves to show me ALL of his papers from the beginning of the season. He is trying to get in all of his bike riding, sprinkler running and outside playing in before it really turns cold.

Walker and Parker have started to become fond of bath time together. We've spent two years teaching Walker to not splash the water outside the bathtub and now it's Parker who does the splashing. He LOVES being put in the bath. If these two faces don't say 'Double Trouble', I don't know what does.

Last week Sunday was a real eye-opener for me. I went to pick up Walker from nursery. I did my usual excited face and told Walker I was really glad to see him and told him it was time to go. As I waited for him by the door, his teacher came up to me and said, " So, uh, Walker said there's a baby girl in his mommy's tummy...." After giving her the 'deer in the headlights' look, choking on my gum and coming back from flashbacks of being GREAT with child, labor pains, 3 am feedings and no-shower days, I kindly shook my head and told her that was not the case.

If we rewind the Walker imagination train up a bit to about six months ago, we will see where this thought came from. Walker was getting into the car and wanted to sit next to Parker in the middle where there is no car seat. Jason came up with the logical solution, "Walker, when momma has another baby, then you can sit in the middle." End of problem-he got in his seat just fine. Walker then continued to tell our friends that when I have another baby that he gets to sit in the middle. Our friends thought it was the cutest.

I guess this is just his imagination spiraling dangerously out of control, but at least it gives me more incentive to exercise. So if you have been one of the lucky ones to find out this exciting news from Walker, just know if you don't hear it from my lips...double check the source.