Monday, February 15, 2010


That's right! My husband, the romantic, has already decided to make reservations for next year's Valentines Day. What on earth could possibly make a man do this? Well, this particular place brings back a lot of memories for us. It seems like 3 out of 5 years we've been married, we've spent a little bit of time here. The service is always great, and if I recall correctly, the last time I stayed there, it was about $600/night. By now, I probably have you on the edge of your seat wanting more details about this place, and how YOU could get a room there.
Well, don't get too excited. It's the hospital!

Walker had a cough all day Friday, which just got worse and worse the closer we got to bed time. We did a couple of Albuterol treatments between 11 and 1 am and tried to get him to sleep some more. By 3:30, he was up again needing another treatment. Walker didn't seem to be responding to the treatments, so Jason and I thought to check the expiration date...yep-expired! Since we had no friends up on Facebook to see if anyone had any albuterol, we decided to have Jason take Walker into the ER while I stayed home with Parker. They ended up staying at the hospital until about 10:30 when they came home. The timing could not have been more perfect. Parker was ready for his morning nap, Walker (having been awake half the night) was out like a light when they got home, and Jason and I took the opportunity to take a nap as well.
After giving the day some thought, Jason and I realized that when Walker was 10 months old, it was on Valentines Day that we first went to the hospital to treat bronchiolitis. Then last year, it was again on Valentine's Day that he got the same thing, and this year it is the same.
Jason has made the decision, to save time, we will simply make a reservation for next year at the ER, probably some time around Valentines Day!

Also, Parker has started walking!!!! His first few uncoaxed, unassisted steps were taken during the closing prayer of Relief Society last week. Monday through Thursday had three or four steps here and there, but Friday and Saturday have been filled with the new pitter-patter of Parker's feet. Parker's fascination with cupboards and drawers has also increased from just open/shut to "Oh my, what goody goodiness is in here?" Needless to say, Momma and Daddy busted out the safety latches this weekend.