Sunday, April 20, 2008

I just thought this was funny

Walker thinks he is just SOOOOOO funny sometimes. Sometimes he is right. (as those of you with children already know, kids will be cute, funny, or smart, until you bring out the camera/camcorder.
Oh, and I saw the "picture face, double picture face" from somebody else's video. I don't remember who it was. maybe somebody remembers?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Walker!!

My Little Boy is all grown up! We celebrated his 2nd birthday today!
We had a lovely time listening to General Conference both here and over at Jason's parents' house. During the morning session of conference, Walker lead the music for each song. Every week he watches me lead the music in sacrament meeting and likes to imitate. I caught a glimpse of it on video:

He knows that when the song is done that it's prayer time. I think that's why he folded his arms when he knew I was watching. After the first session, we headed over to Gramma and Pumpa's house to have a barbeque and to watch the second session. Walker slept through the majority of the session and was ready to play the second he got up. He loved the "Diego" tricycle Gramma got him, and squeeled like a pig with laughter while on the trampoline.
We sang "Happy Birthday" with most of Jason's extended family there, and as you can tell, he really liked the balloons made out of frosting! After coming home and sitting down to write this, I realize that I haven't even given him OUR presents to him! Aaaah! Aren't I such a horrible Mom? Well, tomorrow he will have an activity book with crayons and also a Cars Magic coloring book.