Monday, October 22, 2007

An Event worth going to

Ladies!? How many of you wouldn't just LOVE this bag? Michelle, this is what you have to look forward to when Kyle gets home.

Every year, Eclipse does an end of the year banquet for all the sales reps. They give awards, trophies and gifts out. These bags were given to the wives of managers for their devotedness to their honeys who are so dedicated to this company. They also do the "cash cannon", shooting droves of $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills into the air for all in attendance to frantically run around, push and shove people out of the way to get as much money as they can. In years past, (being either way to pregnant to mention or baby in arm) I have been able to scrounge up $3-$5. I only got $1 this year, but I really wasn't trying. This one just fell onto the table next to me. So I snatched it up before five other people could dive across the table only to realize that all they could get was a napkin or tablecloth.
There are also lots of prizes for raffle. It is rumored that the raffles are somewhat 'fixed'. Some people get more raffle tickets than others, but this night changed my mind about that. The prize being raffled was an Elliptical Excercise machine. The m.c. started reading the numbers: "6-9-8..."
"Oh good! We still have a chance"
"I know it's here somewhere"(having previously arranged our tickets, I knew we had some numbers that were close)
"Looking, looking"
"Going once! Going twice"
"We have it, we have it! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"
Of the hundred something people there, probably only 4 would really appreciate this prize. I was one of them.
Walking up to take a picture with my new best friend, I realized "This box is almost as tall as I am...Is it even going to fit in the car?" Nope. Thank goodness for friends with big cars! Justin lugged the HUGE BOHEIMOTH of a box into his Mountaineer and is bringing it up with him when he comes for Thanksgiving. Such suspense!
Pictures to come

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little things that tell you, "You're doing a great job"

Walker has recently been folding his arms for "prayer time". It took me a while to get it transferred from the camera, but it's better late than never.

Shoes Galore!!!!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The month long endurance challenge for the Hunter Family Biggest Loser Competition was to walk or run 50 miles in the month. The prize? $50 for new shoes! No entries for drawings, no raffles…if you did it, you got $50! Both Jason and I made it. Jason ended up jogging a few miles on the night of the 30th, but he made it! We promised Grandma and Grandpa we would show them the shoes we bought, so here you go!
We didn’t want to pay full price at the mall. We expected more so we went to Payless. Walker had LOADS of fun! At home he usually likes to go to the shoe rack and bring mommy her high heels to put on, so seeing how many shoes he could pull down and bring to me put him into a laughing fit. Jason found his shoes first. Some Airwalks were his first choice. They have a rugged corduroy top. He was so ecstatic they were on sale, the “Scrooge” in him subsided and he said, “I’m gonna get another pair of shoes!” This next pair is the coolest pair of shoes EVER! The only way I can describe them is brown with an elastic strap that goes side to side on the top and velcros to the side.

As I was looking around, my eyes wandered toward the children’s section and stumbled upon a $2 pricetag. When I looked at the shoes in the box, I was delighted to see they were a size 4. PERFECT! Compared to the $1 Garage sale shoes we got in Chicago these ones seemed a bit pricey, but who could pass these up?

As for mine, I didn't have much of a selection to choose from. Aparently the only people who buy tennis shoes are the ones who have the same size of feet as me. I wouldn't say I "settled" for these. They are quite comfortable and I'm sure they'll match any workout clothes I can conjure up. The heels? Ah yes! Seeing as how my other pair of "wedges" broke just recently, I did in fact NEED them. It seems so much more satisfying to justify that, knowing that they were only $3! What a steal!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!