Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adaptation to Birthday Week

Well, I again decided to take after Kyle, and started birthday week this year. I guess the real reason I did, is because I couldn't think of a single good gift to give Sarah for her birthday. All I could think of was several smaller gifts, stuff that I know she has wanted for a while. So with no further ado, Here is the list:
Day one: bombay jewelry box, to replace the 10 miniature jewelry boxes that she already had.
Day two: a paraffin wax foot spa, and a hand-held vibrating back massager. You know that one is her favorite!!
Day three: a set of matching glass-ware for dinner. the set of 6 we got for our wedding is down to 1 glass. So yea, we needed it. I also got her a 3-pack of dvd games: Who wants to be a Millionaire, Family Feud, and Deal or No Deal.
Day four: I got her the ever-coveted salt and pepper grinder. She's wanted one of those for EVER. I also got her a nice cutting board, that has the little indention in it to keep the juices from spilling.
Sorry that I don't have any pictures. I guess if you want to see any of them, you will have to come visit!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New computer, fun with Walker.

We got a new computer, with a built-in camera. I have been playing with it a little bit, and figured I could try and show you a little bit of Walker and I. I did of course edit out some stuff, but I think I got most of the good stuff. For some reason, it cut off the bottom of the video a little bit, and doesn't show all of Walker's face.
anyway, here are the videos. If you can't tell, he likes to see himself on the screen, and gets distracted easily.

P.S. As a little side note, I would like to offer some advice: We followed Kyle and Michelle's example (the ever-so-brilliant parents) and got a portable DVD player. Walker absolutely LOVES it. I haven't had so much peace since before he could crawl. Seiously, he watches "the letter factory" about 10 times a day. We used it at dinner the other night, and he was an Angel. The Miracle of Technology. I would recommend it to any parent - get one about the time they are 18 months, and then just wait until they are ready for it.

P.P.S. random little side note** I just cleaned the blankets out of Walker's Crib - all 6 of them. He likes to clean his room by putting everything in the crib, and we are fine with that. But 6 blankets? Holy Cow!!

Aren't you glad you got a little glimpse of our life?

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Look Back on Christmas

There was no mistletoe with us, but I guess Shae was in the Holiday Spirit. Jason and I along with Wes and Shae took an evening and went around the valley looking at Christmas lights.

Christmas morning, Walker woke up and went to the tree. Not to unwrap every present in sight, but to climb the mountain of boxes and see if he could get high enough to reach the forbidden candy canes!

The excitement is killing me!Jason got me a really nice robe that is SO cozy. This is the smile I give him that says, "you know how to treat a lady."

Jason 's Mom surprised us with this painting. It is absolutely gorgeous. I never would have gotten it myself. I thought it was too expensive, but Mary is the bargain hunter and can find a sale anywhere!
Christmas afternoon Walker got sick. This is what he did all day. Poor guy! He had no energy to play at all.

I think this picture describes how everyone feels after the holidays. Pooped! Oh wait...that's a different picture.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and make this New Year a good one!