Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awards Ceremony for the Woodburys

So I was going through one of our many still unpacked boxes today, and came across something. I had been planning on posting something for several days now, but hadn't gotten around to it:

Most of you know that I went to BYU-Hawaii for a year. Most of you also know that Sarah and I met in Hawaii also. Here is a picture of what won her heart. If it wasn't for this, who knows what would have happened?

Yes, instead of laying out on the beach, learning how to surf, going snorkeling, etc. , I was busy being the "Employee of the Semester" at the Cafeteria. Of course, being 1 of 3 or 4 Native English speakers out of 60 employees, definitely helps with my customer service, right?

Okay, so that is more of a joke than anything. But here is the one that I wanted to post about Sarah.

And here is a better look at it.

They gave this out to the top 1 or 2 tellers with the most Sales, in the Division. (She has been in the top for pretty much 3 or 4 years now, but before she never really got any cool plaques or anything)

Congratulations Sarah for being so Amazing!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You're Invited!

We are having a house warming/open house party this Saturday from 5-7. Everyone is invited to come join the fun. If you need the address, give Jason a call or write an email. See you!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My name is Sarah, and I have an addiction...

to HGTV that is. One of my favorite tv shows is 'Designed to Sell". A professional realtor will come to someones house while they are absent and will go through the house with the cameras and tell them why their house isn't selling. Having looked through SO many houses this past year, I could apply for this position as 'Critique' and do just as good of a job. Every time Jason and I watch it together, he says, "you could do that!" Honestly...almost every episode is the same! Step #1: De clutter! #2 Hide the kids toys. #3 Add some color #4 De personalize
So one of my long term goals, now that we have a house, is to bring these steps into action.
Jason and I have spent the last week painting, painting, painting, and oh! did I mention painting? When I say we, I really mean HE. I only helped by doing the trim and putting up decorations. Jason did the rest. So here is the before picture:

We painted the mantle black to match the temple frame that we have, and Jason surprised me last Sunday by having painted three of the accent walls. He stayed up until about 4am working on it. The next morning when he told me he stayed up too late I thought it was because he was watching Sports Center or something stupid like that ; ) Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I went downstairs.
Jason put up the curtain rod, and hung the temple picture above the mantle. I hung the drapes, spray painted the rod iron art piece, and did the rest of the decorations. Here is the finished product.

And after a long day of work, Jason finally gets to relax.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things that we still need for the house

I know, I know. You are right. Everybody kept telling us that when we got a house, we would soon realize all of the things that we need to go with it. So, here is a list of things in no particular order, that we still need. Okay, some of them are not so much needs, but wants.
1. lawn Mower
2. Weed eater (maybe a trimmer, what's the difference?)
3. ladder
4. Tape measure
5. level
6. Stud-finder
7. Paint (We, meaning I, started painting the living room, now Sarah gets to trim it up.)
8. Queen bed for guest bedroom
9. small table/desk for the computer nook in guest bedroom
10. computer desk for my Office (or as Sarah says it, "our study", but really MY office)
11. Bookcase - Probably 2 or 3, actually
12. Kitchen Table and chairs
13. Clothes dryer (we already got a washer, but I spent too much, so we have a drying rack.)
14. coffee table for the formal living room
15. Drill Set (and other tools)
16. gardening tools, i.e shovel, rake, trimming shears etc.
17. hose attachment/s for watering once the irrigation is shut off.

That seems like a pretty complete list for me. Sarah may think otherwise. Does anybody have any suggestions of things that we need that we don't know about yet?