Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The past couple of weeks Walker had started to use the word 'stupid'. I think he picked it up from neighborhood kids or other friends. I have told him this is a naughty word and he should use nice words instead. He gets time outs for using the word and has even told Jason that HE needs a time out for saying 'stupid'! Last Sunday, Jason forgot he has a hole in the pocket of his Sunday slacks and was dropping change left and right while getting out of the car. "I hate this stupid hole!"
"Daddy! Don't say 'dat word. 'Das a naughty word!"

(Twice, Jason did this! (hillarious))

So today while we were driving through traffic, I kept hearing Walker mumble to himself. Then he asked me if I heard what he said. Obviously not, so I asked.
"Walker, what did you say?"
"Mama, I said, "Rrr. Drive!.... Some People!" 'Das what I said."

So apparently I have a road rage problem. But I think I'm OK as long as I don't say, "Stupid Drivers!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July Festivities

Only a week behind blogging schedule, but here are a few things we did on the 4th. Jason was doing a booth at the 'fairgrounds' in Melba as were Don and Mary, so the boys and I stuck it out. We had breakfast at a friend's house and headed out to Melba at about 9:30. We made it there just in time to find a parking spot and see the parade. Finding Jason wasn't hard at all. Walker had fun seeing all the vendors and games and PLAYGROUND!!!! Parker was chillaxin' most of the time in the stroller. In the past, I must say we have had much hotter summers, but it was pretty hot for the boys. One of Jason's friends was kind enough to let us crash at her place for the afternoon napping hours. Walker had tons of fun with all their toys.

Parker took, maybe, a two hour nap and stayed up the rest of the night. There was just so much to see and do. You can really see it in his eyes. Walking around, Walker was given a beanie baby toy that squeaks like a bird. I like it because it's not too incredibly annoying. Walker has liked making Parker laugh with it, so it has been passed down to him.
But my favorite, was amidst all the craziness of the day and all the fireworks and fun, Parker somehow ended up with what I like to call the "Born to Smile" tattoo on his leg...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Whirl-Wind Adventures

While Jason is on the topic of how many pictures we have on our computer I thought I might as well post some. Here are the recent pictures for the month:

Parker is making new faces, and keeping some old ones. Here are some of my favorites:
Eating solids and sitting up a little bit have become some of his favorite activities.

He has also been playing with his toes which is an amazing feat considering how much of a chunky monkey he has become.

Walker got some new shades but wanted to share them with Parker. I love that they almost look like the Blues Brothers!

Walker has also taken to the hobby of photography. Most of it could be considered abstract, I mostly delete those, but he has taken some good ones:

These boys love to play together.

And Walker has started to help me do the dishes!!!!! I could not be happier about this one. No broken dishes yet. I know it will happen someday.

This past weekend, Walker, Parker and I went to Utah to attend the blessing of my neice, Eva. We were able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house and see lots of extended family. We stayed at some of my parents friends, the Bartons. Walker liked going for a ride on the 4-wheeler with Orlin and Rachel.

The Bartons have a toy stash where Walker found these glasses. He wouldn't take them off the whole first day.
The boys and I also went with Mom, Dad, Orlin, Rachel and Matt to Ogden for some skydiving. I'll see if I can get any pictures from Orlin. I went, but I didn't let Walker go. I think he would have been to scared.

And Jason through it all found that he goes crazy without the three of us in the house!(photography also care of Walker)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Part 2: Enough!

Okay - so first things first - I understand that you can never have too many pictures. (That is arguable. I would say, however, that MOST of us do not take enough pictures. We usually go on spurts getting 1000 over a week, then nothing for another year or 2)

The correct answer lies somewhere in between. When I asked, it showed 9985. When I looked the next day, it showed "more than 10,000." I deleted one, and it showed 9999. So who does that make the grand winner? Yes. 10,000 is the correct answer. However, we have since uploaded pictures (about 150) and it shows that I currently have just under 13,000. About a thousand of those are different built-in clip-art pictures. So, total of around 12,000. But the Macintosh obviously feels that 10,000 is enough, to answer the question. Anything more than that is unimportant.

Let's evaluate all of our pictures: (this will not be a complete list, but a summary) 119 from our Wedding, 108 from our Wedding Reception, about 150 of April 2006 (when Walker was born, baby blessing newborn pics), 10 of my dead nasty toenail that fell off in Christmas time 2006, (disgusting, I know), 54 of Walker's 1 year birthday (or thereabouts), June and July of 2007 (Chicago Summer pics), 700 pictures taken in Costa Rica (the last class I took before graduation), 91 from our Hawaii Trip in December, and 109 of Christmas/Parker's Birth. There are also uncounted amounts of "untitled" sets of pictures that I didn't care to look through and count. That totals.......Wait, do the math. Yes, that is less than 1500. So what are the other pictures? I know, I already threw in the 10 of my toenail. We probably need to keep those for posterity's sake. Again, this is not a complete list - I did not include any from some of our other vacations, other Christmas pictures, or the all-important "MAN-TRIP" Sponsored by Woodbury's. (which, for those that aren't in the know, may be the 8th of September, correct me if I am wrong)

So, let me ask you this - How many pictures are on YOUR harddrive? How many important ones and how many could you get rid of?