Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just thought I would share our family pictures.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Things to Remember On Our Cruise

No work for a week. Sleeping in. Flying without a stroller, seven pieces of luggage and a baby.
Old friends having layovers as the same time as us. Ship safety drills. Running into the couple from Boise who sold us our love seat, during the safety drill. Ventriloquist act. Sparkling lights on the ceiling of the Vista Lounge. A Five course meal with dessert. Being sea sick the rest of the night. Having absolutely no light creep into our bedroom at night. Breakfast in bed. Viewing art to be auctioned off for thousands of dollars. Sunbathing while reading on the Sun Deck. Looking at older people in their bathing suits thinking, "This makes me feel so much better about my body." Gazing at Dolphins jumping out of the water at the side of the ship. Dressing up. Another five course meal with dessert. Singing karaoke and losing to a 40 year old woman singing "Jump, Jump" by Kriss Kross. (I should have sang "Baby Got Back"!). Sleeping in. Breakfast in Bed. Exercising with a view to the ocean. Lunch Buffet. Swimming in one of four swimming pools. Hot tubbing. Making Hibiscus flowers out of crape paper. Painting ceramics. Comedian Act. The Newlywed, Not so Newlywed game. Seeing Byron and Brett sing Karaoke in blonde wigs. Breakfast in bed again. Visiting Puerto Vallarta. Bartering down a tour guide to $50 a van for 10 people for all day. Seeing where "Predator" was filmed. Riding zip-lines one hundred feet above the canopy. Bumpy cobblestone streets. A small drug bust at the side of the road. Papantla Flyers. Statues on the beach. Vendors following you around. "How much you want to Pay". Blue sunglasses. Another five course meal with dessert. Breakfast in bed again. Visiting Mazatlan. Taxi go-carts. Scooters. El Cid Hotel. Lounging at the pool. "Cliff" jumping. Eli breaking his foot on the kiddie slide. Eli parasailing not knowing his foot was broken. A hole-in-the-wall resturaunt with GREAT carne asado tostadas. An hour long massage for $30. Endless night events. Another five course meal with dessert. Breakfast in bed again. Visiting Cabo San Lucas. Walking down busy streets. CaboWabo. Walking on the beach. Finding the perfect red shawl. Eating next to the beach. Water Taxis. Bartering for fair prices. (this is harder when it's done in English instead of Spanish). Getting Roses delivered to the room. Manicure and Pedicure at the Lotus Spa. Dressing up. Wearing that perfect red shawl. Another five course meal with dessert. Breakfast Buffet. Wearing a swimsuit all day. Having a cold last day. Reading inside...all day. Another five course meal...not with just any dessert. An Alaskan style, vanilla merengue cake. Mmmmm. Another Comedy Act. Midnight room service. Getting off the ship. Customs. Flying back home without a stroller, seven pieces of luggage and a baby. Having luggage not arrive with us.(It wasn't just ours. The whole plane was missing luggage. It all got sent to Reno because someone forgot that our gate changed. I'm just glad it happened at the end of our trip.) Coming back home to a reality where dishes have to be done, laundry is piling up, and there certainly won't be any more five course meals with dessert. We had a great time!