Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Think It's That Time of Winter....

...when you just want summer to come. (And all the Popsicles that go along with it)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary Happy New Year, Happy Birthday

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was not stressful...and I made sure of that! I stocked up on groceries, diapers, formula, wipes and toiletries for at least the month of December. After being at work for hours on end seeing all the crazy grumpy-bum shoppers withdraw all their money (and when I say 'all' I really mean 'all' ) to go to the mall or Walmart, the last thing I wanted to do was go spend more time with them at any store. I apologize to those who were expecting a holiday card from us. This was also part of my "no-stress" plan. There were also no goody plates made from my kitchen. I'm sorry.... Eating right and baking goodies do not belong in the same sentence in my book.
Jason and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary on the 28th. We went out to eat at an Argentine restaurant, Tango's. Our new tradition. And continued our date with an eye-reddening double feature at the theatre. It's been a while since I stayed up past 10:30, so I was quite pleased with myself that I was able to stay up so late. We saw "New Moon" and "Avatar". It was quite the night.
We rang in the New Year with a few good friends. I made a cake for Parker's first birthday.I just didn't want to trust another no-name cake froster to destroy the cake by misspelling Parker's name. (If you'll recall, Walker's First Birthday cake said, "Happy 1st Birthday Walkr"
Parker liked having cake..........on his head
I'm not sure what he liked more: eating cake, or eating the plate.

Parker loves walking with his new little gadget from Grandmother Clements. We also got him a little, I forget what they are called, but Jason and I call it the abacus. It has the thick wires that wind around that have the little wooden beads on them.

We got the kids to bed, played games and in the middle of playing, 'Celebrity' discovered it was 11:59-just in time to get the Martinelli's out and toast to the New Year.
So here's my toast to you: Don't spend this year waiting for next year. Make it the best you can. Keep those who are close to you even closer.