Monday, February 23, 2009

More Pics

It seems like we like to post lots of pics all at once, and then nothing for several more months! Here are a few from Jason vs. the Boys, while Sarah was at work. It is hard enough to get pics anyway, but me trying to get them both to work together was quite a time! It was fun though, so here are a few of them:

This one was perfect timing! He was looking as normal as a baby can, and POOF, Right as I snap the button down, he starts spitting up! Of course, the little delay helps too.

This one needs no explanation. Okay, I spiked his hair up a little bit, just so everybody can see how much he has.

Here is one where Walker is doing his "Surprised" look. Click on this link if you want to see the rest of Walker's "faces" shoot.

Also, I found a program that I think is way super extremely cool. It is called "Double Take." It is made for Mac. Basically what it does, is you drag 2 or more photos, and it makes a panoramic view. It is for those of us without a panoramic lens. Follow this link, and you can see 4 examples of Double Take pictures that I did. (Justin and Maxwell, Russ, I don't know who else has a mac, but TOTALLY COOL!) you can tell that some of them are obviously blended together, but a couple are really good!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love The Men In My Life

I love Parker's chin.

I love when this isn't the real thing.

I love when he's awake.

I love getting a good shot like this!

I love play time!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun at Play (I mean Work)

This week was a pretty busy one - for all of us. I left town with Kyle on Wednesday, and came back late Saturday night. We met up with or interviewed about 9 people or so. That doesn't really sound like a lot to do in 3 days, but you would be wrong. That was the work part. I will highlight what I thought were the cool parts of the trip:

Staying the night at a mission buddies house - I hadn't seen him for about 7 years. We have talked maybe 2 or 3 times, but we made the most (or least) of it, and stayed up till 3 Wednesday night recounting mission stories, talking about business etc. (ended up being my average bedtime)

Took a Pit stop to deliver Heather's birthday gifts. I know, that doesn't sound exhilirating, but it was good to hand-deliver a few birthday wares for her. (flowers of course) Oh for those that don't know, Heather is my sister.

Comedy Sportz - This is pretty similar to Whose Line is it Anyways. It is basically an improv comedy show. As luck would have it, they let us in for free (was supposed to be $40). I told them we hadn't paid, and they told us to just go in anyway. Not only was it free, but it is pretty funny. The actors there were pretty good most of the time. If you live in the provo area, They are having a special Valentines Show, guys vs girls. I would recommend it for sure.

4-wheeling: We actually went 2 seperate times. The first was at midnight on Friday. It was a little cold, but not bad. There were 6 of us, wth 2 big 4-wheel drives, and 2 smaller faster ones. We could all fit on at the same time. That was a blast. Some of us got muddy, but some of us ended up pretty clean. Then we went again Saturday, early. This time there were just 3 of us, me, Kyle, and Justin Butler. It was a bit warmer and muddier. Check out Kyle's blog. Hopefully he will have a link up shortly for the pictures. Justin getting his SUV stuck in the mud before we even got started was a precursor to what would happen the rest of the day - mud just about everywhere.

Who says that work can't be fun?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


After doing a good job keeping everybody updated, I have slacked a little bit the past week or so on the blog. I know, it has only been a little bit, but here are some of the adventures that we have had the past little bit.

Most of you know I am a sucker when it comes to free stuff. So when I saw the sign outside of Buffalo Wild Wings, that they were giving away a year's worth of free wings to the first 100 customers on opening day, I knew I had to go. It wasn't quite worth staying out all night in the freezing cold, so I figured I would just go in the morning. I figured I would help Sarah out as much as possible, since Parker has been keeping her up at night, Walker not taking naps etc., so I tried to take care of him before I left. That means I helped him go to the bathroom, get a movie ready for him, etc before I left, so Sarah could try to sleep in. Doing the aforementioned things would normally take what, 10 minutes? Well, he must have known that I was abandoning him for some succulent buffalo wings, because he decided to fight me the whole time. When all was said and done, it took over half an hour, and I was customer number 102. Yes, that is right. Even 2 minutes earlier, and I would have had 6 wings every week for FREE. And the worst part is, is the guy behind me complained that he had shown up the previous day, (because it was listed that way on their website) so he ALSO got wings. I totally got hosed. The guy in front of me was with 2 coworkers, so they promised to share part of theirs with him. Yes I know, I am being bitter. I did receive the consolation prize of 6 free wings. If I could only find that coupon....
Next on the list is Walker's wonderful habit of changing. I swear, he could go through his entire wardrobe in a day if he could reach high enough to pull them off of his hangers. Oh, and an entire pack of diapers in 2 days if we let him. The good new is, is that he is well on his way to being potty-trained. He has been the last week, very good about going to the bathroom on his own. He will take off his pullup, sit down, do his thing, and get off. Sometimes he will poop and not tell us. That is the worst. Cause he isn't real proficient yet with the cleanup part of it. So he tries to go potty about 20 times a day, and won't reuse the "old" pull up. And he wants to put on new clothes every time too. I started throwing his used but clean pullups in the cupboard under the sink (where the clean pack is) so we could reuse them. I moved the clean pack somewhere that he hasn't found yet, and he has been reusing the clean ones. He is also very picky about which pictures are on the pullups. He has lightning McQueen, but sometimes he wants the ones with him alone, some with Mr. the King, and some with Guido. Also mixed in there are some Piston Cups, or finishing flags. He will sort through them all until he finds the one that he wants. Anybody else had such a fun experience with training?
I know this is long, but I gotta add one more. He has, besides changing his clothes and diaper constantly, decided that it is fun to clean. Alone. So he will find soap dispensers, lotion, whatever, and he thinks that anything he finds is soap. So he will climb up on top of _______ (fill in the blank) and start cleaning. So he lotions the bathroom mirrors, etc. And yesterday was the kicker. Sarah won't laugh, but I think it is kinda funny. While we were still asleep, Walker decided to take a bath, in his bathroom sink. And he splashed EVERYWHERE. (She said it was an inch deep in the whole bathroom, but I think she was exaggerating a little. Feel free to comment sweetie!) She of course woke up, and cleaned it all up. Besides the time-out, and whatnot, she also told him he is not allowed to go into the bathroom anymore without help. She didn't say he couldn't take a bath by himself. So he, being the Mischevious that he is, went downstairs and took a bath in the KITCHEN sink. Needless to say, I was the one who got to clean up the mess, and take care of Walker.
Now, let's see if Sarah can keep up with the kids the next 3 days while I am out of town! (feel free to come help her while I am gone, for those closeby)