Monday, June 25, 2007

Riding the Metro $10, Busses and Subways to the Stadium $Too Much, Enjoying A Cubs vs. Sox game with eachother, $Priceless!

For those of you who have no clue about baseball, the Chicago Cubs are in a National League and the Chicago White Sox are in the American League and they seldom play eachother. Needless to say, there is a big rivalry. Jason was lucky enough to get tickets for the two of us to go on Sunday. Walker stayed with Auntie Heather, while we rushed to make the tram into Chicago. It took an hour to get to Union Station in downtown Chicago. We were going to take the free trolley closer to Cellular Stadium, but there was also the USA vs. Mexico Soccer game at the same time only a few miles away from the baseball game. There were SO many people that we decided to take the subway. We didn't know how to get there, so Jason called the bus transportation department. They told us the easiest way to get there was by bus. So...we payed for a bus......for just four blocks! Hello!...we could have walked! Jason wasn't too happy about that. After making the subway, we finally made it to the stadium. The game was wonderful! The cubs won! I won't give details, but it was nice to spend a day just Jason and I. We also went to Millenium Park. There is a lot of artwork and sculptures to gaze at. I will post pictures soon. No words can describe what is there. Chicago has been a beautiful place to visit. I'm so glad I have someone to share these experiences with.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blessings From Heaven

Spending quality time with Walker has been such a special blessing for me. As I have said before, we have set up a daily routine with some variance: breakfast, walking, lunch, nap, snack, pool or park, dinner, bath, and bed. Structure is KEY to sanity!
Yesterday on our first walk in the morning, we went about a mile to the lake by the golf course. There were so many geese. I wanted to be able to let Walker run around and chase them, but I know that they get grumpy, especially when there are younger geese around. We parked the stroller next to a tree in the shade. Soon, they were migrating toward us. As I realized they were passing us, one family (two adults and two little ones) came up pretty close to the stroller and started hissing at us. Thank goodness for graham crackers! I took some out and threw some crumbs at them. They gobbled them up and rushed back to be with the other group. Walker was pointing and squeeling like crazy!
Later that night as I was laying him down for bed, I was saying prayers for him. He had been pretty playful, but as I said, " we thank thee for having fun at the park and seeing the geese", Walker started mumbling along with me! I'm so glad for having the gospel and the knowlege and the truth in my life to raise up my children in righteousness.