Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big K Word

Every year, we hear about all the moms who send their children back to school. Some are happy as a lark that their days will now be filled with a quiet, perhaps clean, stress free home...while other mothers are kicking and screaming that they now have to deal with homework, teachers, PTA mothers, lunch money, bus routes, playing taxi, sports, school pictures and much, much more. I find myself in the situation this year as Walker goes to Kindergarten.

Quite a few people asked me if I cried as I sent him off to his first day of school. Well, there were tears...but they weren't mine.

Walker had lost his temper and I knew that someday I would miss these simple little tantrums that blow over in a few minutes. While the moment was not pleasant to deal with him, the picture is classic and I know he will laugh at it some day.

After the first bell for the students to go in rang, Walker lined up with his classmates along the fence by his class. Looking back at the picture I realize.....he's the shortest in his class. Is there really anyone who is surprised by that?

So all in all, what are my feelings about my l'il guy going into kindergarten? I am sad to have my helper gone some days. Walker is always such a big helper with Tatum: whenever I need a pacifier or a blanket, when Parker needs help with something and it's just as easy for Walker to's just more convenient. My other self is happy he's there. While I love my boy, he does take a lot of energy to entertain. (Entertainment being arguing and refereeing fights). Walker loves learning new things and is becoming more confident in reading and writing and doesn't seem to be struggling in any way...but there's always the inner mom in me wanting to be the mouse in his pocket at school to make sure: is he nice to all the other kids, is he making good choices, does he make friends easily, does he eat all his lunch, is he happy?

I won't always know the answer to all these questions, but that's part of growing and learning. I know I have done my best to prepare's up to him now.


Wes & Shae Noble said...

Oh Sarah! You me laugh, you made me laugh again, and then you made me smile, and giggle, and then just about cry. Walker will love this when hes older. And I bet he will love kindergarten too. You are an excellant mother and Walker is smart, social, and I predict he will be one if the teachers favorites.

Wes & Shae Noble said...

Sorry... Dont have internet til timorrow so had to type that out on my phone. So much more to say about this momenteous post...

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Sorry... Dont have internet til timorrow so had to type that out on my phone. So much more to say about this momenteous post...